Leadership - Minor

This minor is offered in the College for Women and the College for Adults.

St. Catherine University is committed to the development of effective, ethical leaders at all levels of education, from associate to graduate.  Leaders are made and not born. In other words, anyone can learn to be a leader with practice, study, reflection, and intention.  The leadership minor will enable students to understand that a leader’s role and influence is valuable, beyond the confines of position or formal employment. 

Through study and practice, students in this minor will discover:

  • Leadership can take many forms, and it is always a benefit when a person thinks of themselves as a leader, even when they are also in the role as a peer, follower, and/or individual contributor.
  • Leaders belong everywhere, from the boardroom to the living room. 
  • Leaders embody a sense of confidence and abundance that engages others in positive action and supports others in learning to be their best selves. 


Required courses
BUSI 4752Business Practicum2
LEAD 2202Leadership and Influence2
MGMT 2402Principles of Management2
MGMT 3400Leadership, Effective Teams and Change Management4
Choose eight credits from the following: 18
Speaking to Lead and Influence
Sociocultural Aspects of Dress
Role, Advocacy and Outreach
Organization and Resources: Community and Personal Strategies
Managing a Diverse Workforce
Biomedical Ethics
Voice in the Workplace
Total Credits18