Sustainability Studies - Minor

The sustainability studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that teaches students creative methods that can be used to interrogate, understand, and solve real-life business, social, and environmental problems. Through the lens of design thinking, students will build a solid understanding of principles, processes, and applications of sustainability and innovation, which can be applied to a wide range of disciplines. For this minor, 19-20 credits are required, with at least 12 being unique to the minor.

This  minor is offered in the College for Women only.


Required courses
INDI 2XXXBuilding a Sustainable World2
MRCH 3994Topics: Global Sourcing4
MRCH 4400Sustainable Product Development4
Electives: Select 9-10 credits fom lists below 19-10
Natural Science
Environmental Biology with Lab
Race, Class, Gender and the Environment with Lab
Foundations of Biology III with Lab
Literary Themes
HIST 3994
Topics: Panda Diplomacy: International Relations and Conservation History in China
Environmental Ethics
Fine and Performing Arts
ART 3994
Topics: Building a Creative Life: Inquiry, Imagination, Action
Behavior and Social Science
Economics of Social Issues
Environmental Economics and Policy
Business and Fashion
Fashion Illustration and Portfolio Development
Apparel Construction and Analysis
Sociocultural Aspects of Dress
Leadership and Influence
LEAD 2992
Topics: Leading through Creativity and Innovation
Design Thinking for Innovation 2
Omnichannel Retail
Total Credits19-20