Required Proficiencies-Baccalaureate Programs

The ability to communicate and use information effectively is critical to both professional achievement and the fulfillment of public responsibilities and personal relationships. The faculty at St. Catherine University support and encourage the development of oral and written communication and information and technology skills. Throughout the curriculum, whether core requirements or courses directly associated with the major, students learn to communicate to a variety of audiences and access and manipulate information in myriad ways. The University provides a Writing/Reading Center with professional and student staff ready to help students improve their communication skills and a Computing Services Center that offers training and help desk support for students' academic computing needs.

Baccalaureate Writing Requirement

Clear, eloquent writing opens doors to worlds students aspire to enter. At St. Catherine University, writing competency is required of all students as part of the basic process of earning a degree. To this end, each student must take four writing-intensive courses. (NOTE: Students who completed an A.A. degree or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum prior to enrolling at St. Catherine University are required to complete three writing-intensive courses. The four-course writing proficiency requirement does not apply to students in the RN-BSN degree completion section.) This University writing requirement is fulfilled in the following ways:

Core Writing Requirement

Both CORE 1000W The Reflective Woman (or CORE 2000W The Reflective Woman) and CORE 3990W Global Search for Justice are writing-intensive courses. Successful completion of the two courses fulfills two writing-intensive course requirements.

Writing Requirement for the Major

Students take one writing-intensive course in the major. Students who plan to complete a major through another Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC) school must complete an additional writing intensive course at St. Catherine University to meet the writing requirement for the major.

Fourth Course Requirement

A fourth1 and final writing-intensive course may be taken in the form of any other writing-intensive course, whether elective or required for a major or minor course of study. ENGL 1905W College Writing, a composition course with emphases upon the writing process, drafting techniques and concerns with audience, is recommended for students wanting a course focusing exclusively upon writing. 

Writing-intensive courses are identified by a “W” appended to the course number (see online course catalog and course schedule). The courses designated as writing-intensive for the 2021-22 academic year are listed below. This list is subject to change.

List of Writing Intensive Courses

This list is subject to change. Current students should refer to the online Course Schedule or Degree Evaluation.

Subject Code Course Number Course Title
ACCT 4130W Auditing
ARTH 3500W Art and Power
BIOL 4850W Senior Seminar (in conjunction with BIOL 2720)
BUSI 3900W Social Entrepreneurship
CHEM 4000W Advanced Inorganic Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 4500W Advanced Biochemistry with Lab
CLAS 3450W Hindu Mythology
CLAS 3460W Women in Greece and Rome
COMM 1000W Introduction to Communication: Women and Social Change
COMM 3200W Public Relations Writing
COMM 3070W Gender and Rhetoric
CORE 1000W or 2000W The Reflective Woman
CORE 3990W Global Search for Justice
CRST 2050W Foundations of Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity
CRST 2151W Sociocultural Aspects of Dress
CRST 3401W Language as Power
CRST 3451W Haves and Have Nots: Development, Poverty, and Inequality
CRST 3500W Art and Power
CRST 4850W Senior Seminar
ECED 2040W Historical, Cultural, and Social Foundations of Early Childhood Education
ECON 3450W Haves and Have Nots: Development, Poverty, and Inequality
ECON 3460W Global Financial Issues
ECON 3480W International Economics
EDUC 2070W Teachers as Leaders for a Changing Society
ENGL 1905W College Writing
ENGL 2130W Written Communication for College
ENGL 2270W Shakespeare
ENGL 2280W Literary Themes
ENGL 2350W Grammar in Practice
ENGL 3302W Writing for Writers
ENGL 3360W Intermediate Writing: Writing with Power, Purpose and the Perfect Word
ENGL 3400W Language as Power
ENGL 4320W The Editorial Process
ENGL 4860W Seminar
EXSS 2800W Measurement and Evaluation in Exercise and Sport Science
FASH 2150W Sociocultural Aspects of Dress
FSNU 4310W Experimental Foods and Nutrition
HIST 3000W Historiography
HIST 3460W Women in Greece and Rome
HLTH 4800W Senior Seminar in Public Health
INTP 4210W Senior Seminar
IPE 4200W Research Methods
MATH 4850W Senior Seminar (in conjunction with MATH 2850)
MGMT 4490W Strategic Management
MGMT 4850W Senior Seminar in Healthcare Management
MKTG 3250W Integrated Marketing Communications
MUS 3350W Women and Music
PHIL 2030W Healthcare Ethics
PHIL 2200W Ethics
POSC 1710W Introduction to American Government and Policy
POSC 2200W Introduction to Comparative Government
POSC 3450W Haves and Have Nots: Development, Poverty, and Inequality
PSYC 4220W History and Systems
RESP 3200W Advanced Therapeutics
RESP 4800W Senior Seminar
RTT 4015W Principles of Oncology II
SALE 4430W Advanced Sales: Strategic Account Management
SOCI 2100W Research Methods in Sociology
SOCI 3700W Social Theory
SOWK 3800W Social Work Research
SPAN 3050W Visions of the Hispanic World: Reading to Speak and Write
SPAN 4860W Senior Seminar
SSCS 2040W Power, Inequality and Social Change
THEO 2040W Sacramental Life
THEO 3360W War, Peace and the Apocalypse
THEO 3500W Liturgical Theology: Celebration at the Center
THEO 3670W The Quest for God in Contemporary Experience
THEO 3752W Christianity, Judaism and Islam
THEO 3753W Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism
THEO 3850W Human Sexuality: Theological and Spiritual Explorations
THEO 3930W Christian Women Mystics
WOST 1000W Introduction to Communication: Women and Social Change
WOST 2050W Foundations in Women's Studies
WOST 3070W Gender and Rhetoric
WOST 3350W Women and Music
WOST 3400W Language as Power
WOST 3452W Haves and Have Nots: Development, Poverty, and Inequality
WOST 3460W Women in Greece and Rome
WOST 3752W Christianity, Judaism and Islam
WOST 3850W Human Sexuality: Theological and Spiritual Explorations
WOST 3930W Christian Women Mystics
WOST 4850W Senior Seminar

An expository writing course transferred from another college or university may be credited as one writing-intensive course, depending upon approval from the director of writing programs and the registrar.