Tuition and Housing Deposits

Tuition Deposit

Upon acceptance to the University, all new students enrolled in the College for Women are required to remit a $200 tuition deposit.  The deposit is credited to the student's account. This fee is required only of new, incoming students.  The deposit is fully refundable through May 1 for the fall semester and January 1 for the spring semester.

Housing Deposit

Each new resident (one who has not lived on the St. Catherine University campus before) must submit a $100 housing advance deposit to confirm submission of the Housing and Dining Agreement and reserve a space in housing. If all conditions of the Housing and Dining Agreement have been met, the housing advance will be applied to the resident's first-semester housing charges and will appear as a credit in the student account billing summary, unless it has been forfeited for early termination of the agreement. Charges for loss or damage to University property will be billed to a resident's student account as they occur or after termination of the agreement.