Credit for Prior and Alternative Learning (CPAL)

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History:  Updated: May 2018 | September 2020 l December 2022

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Our Credit for Prior and Alternative Learning (CPAL) program is a pathway to
earn credit for learning that is not already documented as a credit-bearing,
graded course on a U.S. regionally accredited college/university transcript.

Students may earn up to 33% of the total credits required for their degree via
successful completion of a portfolio or comparable examination evaluated by a
St. Catherine University faculty member. Discretion over the course
equivalencies and total CPAL credits available remains with the academic
program. Students should consult directly with academic advisors and program
directors for full details.

The grade assigned for CPAL courses can be either S/U or a standard A-F letter
grade, allowing the credit to fulfill major requirements if so determined by the
program director.

For more information on the CPAL options or to see pre-approved courses and
examinations on our transfer guides, visit our Transfer Students website.