Approved by:  Department of Residence Life

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For Questions Contact:  Department of Residence Life | 651.690.6617 | residencelife@stkate.edu

Residents are responsible for securing their room/suite/apartment at all times. This includes carrying their ID and access card at all times. Students who are locked out of their room or building during business hours (Mon-Friday 8AM-5PM) may stop by or call their Resident Advisor, Residence Coordinator or Area Director to get access.

After business hours, students should call the on-duty RA for their building:

  • St. Mary, Stanton, or Crandall call 651.324.2357
  • Carondelet, Caecilian, Alberta or Georgia call 651.324.2358
  • Rauenhorst or Morrison call 651.399.2563

Staff may not always be readily available to let students into their room. Students may need to wait up to 20 minutes for staff to arrive.

On the St. Paul campus there is a $5.00 lock-out fee for the first three lock-outs. There is a $20.00 lock-out fee for lock-outs that occur between 2AM-8AM. After three lock-outs there is a $20.00 fee, and students will be subject to further consequences through the conduct system. The University has the right to refuse unlocking a student’s room, if the student has an excessive lock-out record.