School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

The St. Catherine University School of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences offers a comprehensive approach to the liberal arts, providing an extensive range of interdisciplinary degrees rooted in creative thinking and amplified through global understanding. We welcome all students who seek to become career-ready professionals and leaders with a breadth of and depth of study built on a foundation of social justice. Our model of learning is inspired by a legacy of women leaders — preparing each student to innovate and impact lives and careers.

We honor a legacy shaped by the Sisters of St. Joseph. We welcome all students to a learning community of strong, future-focused women who embody a spirit of inclusion and impact the world around them. As critical thinkers and ethical decision-makers, our students champion what’s good and just. Our distinct formula of learning deepens engagement with the greater community — both in work and in life. We design learning experiences that prepare students for meaningful lives and successful careers. By offering wide-ranging courses of study, we ready well-rounded students for promising careers in a variety of fields. Liberal arts is foundational to education and essential to career pursuits. By combining these principles with specialized applied learning, we inspire students with life-enhancing experiences and prepare them for professional opportunities.