Complaints, Petitions and Grievances

St. Catherine University applies policies judiciously and fairly across all student populations. It is understood, however, that extenuating circumstances may arise that warrant that exceptions be made. The University has established protocols for petitioning an exception to specific academic policies. In addition, students have the right to file a grievance if established processes are not followed. This section of the website provides information for students interested in filing a petition or academic grievance. 

Related Forms, Procedures and References: 

Student Academic Grievance form | Petition for Exception to Policy Forms (found on Office of the Registrar's Forms page)|Petition for Tuition Refund form

Petitions and Grievances - Definitions

A petition is a request for an exception to an institutional policy.  Not all policies are petitionable, but every student has a right to express concerns about academic policies.  For those policies that are petitionable, the University has established guidelines and procedures.

A grievance is an educational or personal issue or condition that a student believes to be unfair, inequitable or a hindrance to her or his education. An academic grievance can be filed against a person or department/program for failure to follow procedures, or against a person pertaining to an academic issue, such as the failure of a faculty member to communicate with the student.

Petition and Grievance Forms

The links listed above provide access to the University's academic grievance and petition forms. Students whose concern is not addressed by any of these forms may contact the Office of Academic Advising to schedule an appointment with the director or her designee.