Transfer of Credit

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Students may transfer a maximum of nine semester graduate credits or 13.5 quarter graduate credits from another regionally accredited institution(s) toward a graduate degree; some graduate programs may accept fewer or no transfer credits.

Only courses with a letter grade of B or better will be accepted, assuming the course(s) meets the program's criteria for relevancy and accreditation standards. The program director will decide whether to accept transfer credit upon admission based on a review of the applicant's transcript(s). In some programs, courses must have been taken within a specific time period to be eligible for transfer. Students are responsible for knowing and following the transfer criteria of the graduate program to which they are admitted.

Current students must obtain prior written approval from the director of the graduate program in which they are enrolled if they intend to take graduate work at another institution and transfer that credit to St. Catherine University.

Students enrolling/enrolled in certificate programs take all of the courses at St. Catherine University.