Final Examinations

Approved by:  Office of the Registrar

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All courses must require a final exam, paper, project or other form of final assessment. Full term weekday courses that do not give a final exam on campus during the final examination period must schedule due date for the project, paper, take home exam, or other form of final assessment during the final examination period. Classes that meet less than the full term, as well as those that meet Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday do not have a designated final examination period; the day, time, format and due date for the final exam, project or paper is determined by the instructor.

All final examination days, times and locations are assigned by the Office of the Registrar. Instructors are not permitted to reschedule a course's final exam from the day and time assigned by the Office of the Registrar for any reason.

The final examination will be given in the same room in which the lecture component met.

A student who has a serious illness or a family emergency on the date of scheduled final exam(s) should immediately notify his/her instructor.

The University's final examination period is published annually in the academic calendars.  The final exam schedules are posted on the Final Exams website.