Immunization Requirements

Approved by:  State of Minnesota (Minnesota Statute 2010 135A.14)

History:  Effective July 1, 1990

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Related Forms, Procedures and References:  Student Compliance Office website

For Questions Contact:  Student Compliance Office | 651.690.7781

Minnesota Law (M.S. 135A.14), effective July 1, 1990, requires that all students born after 1956 and enrolled in a public or private post-secondary school in Minnesota be immunized against tetanus, diphtheria, measles, mumps and rubella, allowing for certain specified exemptions. Students at St. Catherine University are required to submit their immunization information to show compliance with this law.

Immunization forms are due to the Student Compliance Office by the specified date of the first semester in which the student is enrolled. This date can be found at the Student Compliance Office website. Failure to provide all required immunization information by the deadline date will result in a hold on the student's record that will prevent the student from registering for following semesters. In addition, a late fee may be applied to the student's account. The Student Compliance Office communicates with students through their University assigned email account.  Students are responsible and accountable for all information communicated in this manner.

Non-Clinical Program Requirements

If enrolled in a non-health care program of study at St. Catherine University, students must complete the online immunization form (requires separate login).

Clinical Program Requirements

To protect all persons in healthcare programs from possible exposure to communicable diseases, students enrolling in a program of study that includes an off-site clinical rotation, fieldwork or internship are required to provide a more extensive health history, immunization reports, and annual updates to St. Catherine University. These requirements will be communicated to the student by the Student Compliance Office once the student is enrolled in the specific program. There are no exemptions granted for health care students as directed by our clinical partners. These requirements are extremely important and documentation of compliance is required by a specific due date. This is an enrollment requirement. If the information is late to the Student Compliance Office, a hold will be placed on the student's account. This may impact the students’ ability to complete their fieldwork, clinical or internship.