Weeks of Instruction - Substantial Interaction

Approved by:  University Curriculum and Policies Committee

History:  Approved: October 21, 2011 | Updated: April 2017

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Courses at St. Catherine University must include regular substantial interaction between the instructor and the students. All courses other than those designed for self-directed learning (such as thesis credits) must include substantial interaction between the student and the instructor during each week of instruction. 

For courses designed for self-directed learning, the instructor and the student must develop and agree to follow a learning contract specifying:

  1. Learning objectives
  2. Work that will be completed by the student to achieve the learning objectives
  3. Criteria for assessing the achievement of the learning objectives
  4. Frequency and method of interaction between the instructor and the students

The Program Director or Department Chair must approve the learning contract prior to the start of the term or part of term (POT) in which the course will take place.

For an activity to count as substantial interaction at St. Catherine University, the activity must be:

  1. Visible to the instructor, and
  2. Moderated by the instructor, or meaningful feedback is given by the instructor