International Studies - Minor


Required Courses:
HIST 1160East Asia Since 16004
or HIST 2300 World History Since 1500
POSC 2200WIntroduction to Comparative Politics4
ECON 1120Economics of Social Issues4
Choose three courses: one from each discipline (ECON, HIST, POSC) 112
Principles of Macroeconomics
From Nudges to Nuclear War: Game Theory and Behavioral Economics
Quantitative Impact Evaluation: Applied Research Skills
Discrimination and Disparities: The Economics and Politics of Race and Gender
Healthcare Economics
Haves and Have Nots: Development, Poverty, and Inequality
Global Financial Issues
International Economics: Trade and Immigration
Macroeconomic Theory
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Europe Since 1800
East Asia Since 1600
Twentieth Century America
Ireland from the 12th Century to the 21st Century
Revolution! Haiti, Slavery and the French Revolution 1780-1820
Empire, Colonization and Indigenous Resistance
History of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in the U.S.
Revolution and Communist Rule in China
Modern Middle East
Women in America to 1920
The New Woman in America and England 1880-1940
U.S. Women Since 1920
Europe: from World War I to World War II
Europe Since World War II
Women in Asia
History of Feminism in Western Society
Women in Europe Since 1500
Women and Gender in World History
HIST 4994
Topics: History of Immigration in the United States
Political Science:
Introduction to American Government and Policy
Introduction to World Politics
Public Policy
Topics: Human Rights
Topics: The Politics of Global Cities
Women and Globalization
Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
History of Feminism in Western Society
American Political Thought
Total Credits24

Foreign language foundation of six semesters or their equivalent is strongly recommended but not required.