Mathematics - BS

St. Kate's mathematics majors will study mathematics in an environment that stresses close student-faculty interaction and individual support. Faculty members will encourage students to take an active role in their educational experiences and will foster a cooperative learning environment. Students will have the opportunity to work as a tutor or teaching assistant in the Mathematical Sciences Department and collaborate with faculty members on research and projects in both mathematics and computer science. Students will also have opportunities to participate in mathematics contests such as the Putnam, the NCS-MAA team competition, and the Konhauser team competition.

The curriculum includes courses in mathematics and computer science. If a student decides to pursue a B.S., she will be required to take one full year of either physics or chemistry.

Mathematics majors have become lawyers, senior research associates, statistical consultants, vice presidents of corporations, teachers, programmers, analysts, actuaries, physicists, engineers, and Fulbright scholars.

This major is offered in the College for Women only. 


MATH 1130Calculus I4
MATH 1140Calculus II4
MATH 2000Career Explorations and Readiness2
MATH 2050Linear Algebra4
MATH 2060Calculus III4
Select one from:8
General Chemistry I with Lab
and General Chemistry II with Lab
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics II
Principles of Microeconomics
and Principles of Macroeconomics
MATH 4XXXWSenior Seminar4
Select four 3000-level or 4000-level courses from:16
Two MATH courses with the "Proof-Based" classification
One MATH course with the "Discrete-Focused" classification
One MATH course with the "Continuous-Focused" classification
Total Credits46
Required Supporting Courses (must be taken for a letter grade)
CSCI 1110Algorithms and Computer Programming I 14
or DSCI 2100 Introduction to Programming: Applied Computing I

Must be completed by the end of the sophomore year or the first year for a student transferring as a junior

Course work in physics, economics, and logic (philosophy department) is recommended.

Mathematics majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing MATH 4XXXW Senior Seminar. They complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with three other writing-intensive courses (CORE 1000W The Reflective Woman, CORE 3990W Global Search for Justice, and any other writing-intensive course in another department).

MATH 11304MATH 11404
PHYS 1110, CHEM 1110, or ECON 26104PHYS 1120, CHEM 1120, or ECON 26204
 8 8
MATH 20504MATH 20604
MATH 2850 (update to MATH 2000 for 2024 catalog)2CSCI 1110 or DSCI 21004
 6 8
MATH 3010 or 49944MATH 2600 (update to 3000 level course for 2024 catalog)4
 MATH 3130 or 49944
 4 8
MATH 31404MATH 46844
MATH 4850W or 4952 (update to 4 credits for 2024 catalog)2 
 6 4
Total Credits: 52

Other courses must be approved by the division chair