Pastoral Ministry - Certificate

The purpose of the pastoral ministry certificate program is to prepare students for ministry in today's church and society. The program integrates three necessary competencies for effective ministry: faith-based spirituality, theological depth and pastoral experience.

Students may acquire the certificate either with or without a baccalaureate degree or while pursuing the masters of arts degree in theology. Specific components of the certificate program required for all students are as follows:

  1. A learning contract, through which students identify ministry goals and concrete objectives to attain them.
  2. Required courses as noted below.
    B.A. Non-Theology Majors and Certificate Only Students
    Select six of the following:24
    This Far by Faith - Liberationist Introduction to the New Testament
    Theological Ethics
    Social Justice: A Theological Perspective
    Jesus of Nazareth - Christ of Faith
    All are Welcome - Church as Beloved Community
    Pastoral Theology
    Issues in Pastoral Theology
    B.A. Theology Majors
    Courses for the theology major must include:
    THEO 3020Pastoral Theology4
    THEO 3060Issues in Pastoral Theology4
  3. Theological field education is a supervised internship in a pastoral setting. As a form of internship, students arrange it in prior consultation with the program coordinator. Registration for the credit is required for students that are only seeking the certificate. Students seeking a bachelor's degree are not required to register for credit but must complete an approved ministry practicum experience within their time of study.
  4. The ministry portfolio, through which students demonstrate professional skills and an integrated understanding of their personal role in ministry.