College for Women Programs Overview

The College for Women

All baccalaureate programs in the College for Women are dedicated to providing women with a challenging and rewarding education. The College for Women welcomes traditional-age women directly out of high school or women students transferring from other regionally accredited two- and four-year institutions.* Men may earn college credit for coursework in the College for Women as non-degree-seeking students; in addition, men may receive bachelor's degrees from the College for Adults.

The liberal arts core curriculum at St. Catherine University is anchored by two required multidisciplinary and writing-intensive courses. The Reflective Woman, intended as a gateway common experience to critical inquiry for all entering students, is normally completed in a student's first term at the University. All sections follow a common curriculum, using the same assignments and readings. Global Search for Justice, the capstone senior level course, challenges students to apply the lessons of college education to issues of justice throughout the world. Together, these two courses embody the special character that makes a St. Catherine's education unique.

Along with the liberal arts courses every student takes to satisfy degree requirements, liberal arts and science majors are available in a variety of areas, allowing an in-depth study of the significant contributions of liberal arts and sciences to human understanding. Majors or minors in a variety of disciplines within the arts, humanities, social, and physical sciences offer knowledge and skills essential for leading and influencing in a complex world. In addition to traditional liberal arts disciplines, several interdisciplinary majors and minors offer students ways to explore issues through multiple perspectives and develop their abilities to synthesize knowledge. Liberal arts majors and minors provide essential skills for today's work places, for life-long fulfillment, and as valuable foundations for graduate study and professional careers.

* St. Catherine University considers all individuals who identify as women for admission to the College for Women regardless of gender assigned at birth, as well as non-binary and genderqueer students.  For the full admission policy please go to: