A St. Catherine Education

A St. Catherine Education . . .

  • Gives You the Tools to Lead Change. We take rigorous steps to develop what we call the St. Catherine leader - someone who lives a commitment to justice, acts from a strong self-concept, thinks critically and creatively, communicates effectively, exercises power appropriately, cultivates a positive sense of direction, and evokes hope.
  • Emphasizes the Liberal Arts. We offer more than 50 liberal arts majors. In addition, more than 37 other majors and minors are available to baccalaureate students in the day program through the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC), a consortium of five local private colleges. Full-year and semester study-abroad programs are available in more than 12 countries. Intensive core curriculum requirements in math, writing and computer literacy support the baccalaureate major course of study.
  • Helps You Get Ahead. You'll learn to think on your feet, solve problems creatively, adapt to changing conditions and master new technologies. We anticipate change through evolution of the curriculum - in healthcare, professional programs and liberal arts.
  • Provides Intensive Career-Development Training. You will be assigned an academic advisor who will help you plan your college courses, choose a major and define career goals. Intensive advising, personal-assessment tests, and internship and mentorship opportunities will prepare you to pursue your career goals. You'll also learn how to write a résumé, conduct an interview, negotiate a salary or apply to graduate school.
  • Helps You Discover Your Inner Voice. St. Catherine requires two core-curriculum courses for baccalaureate students that will help you define your values. The Reflective Woman (TRW) asks first-year students to examine who they are, who they want to be and how they will make life-changing decisions. Global Search for Justice (GSJ) asks juniors and seniors to turn those values outward. By studying global issues of peace, meaningful work and social justice, you'll begin to develop the discipline and consciousness needed to change systemic conditions and reshape your world.