Distinctions and Awards

University Honors and Awards and Departmental Honors

Each year, deserving students are selected for University honors and awards or inducted into honor societies. In addition, departmental honors aim to provide intensive study and opportunity for original work in the student's major field. Departmental honors are awarded by the major department according to specific departmental criteria. 

In addition to election to honor societies and departmental honors, the University gives recognition to students for scholarly achievement in the following ways:

Antonian Scholars Honors Program - College for Women - Baccalaureate Program

The Antonian Scholars Honors Program offers students of superior ability and motivation an opportunity to study and work with one another and with faculty mentors in a specially designed program of liberal arts studies. To graduate as an Antonian Scholar, a baccalaureate student enrolled in the College for Women successfully completes four interdisciplinary honors seminars (or a combination of at least two seminars and at most two pre-approved equivalents) and an independently researched senior honors project guided by a faculty advisor. They also maintain a 3.5 overall grade point average. The goal of the program is to give students opportunities to build intellectually stimulating and supportive relationships with peers and faculty. In addition to the academic program, Honors students enjoy social and cultural activities in their own student organization, and many choose to assume roles in campus leadership.

Among the privileges of membership are inter-disciplinary honors sections of classes that count toward the liberal arts core requirements, priority registration, access to the Honors Hub private meeting and study area in Coeur de Catherine, the opportunity to reside with other Antonian Scholars on campus, honors sections of the Reflective Woman and Global Search for Justice. At their commencement, every Antonian Scholar who completes the program is publicly recognized and given a special diploma. Senior project can also be published digitally in Saint Catherine University's digital repository, SOPHIA, should the student wish it.

First-year students and sophomores enrolled in the baccalaureate program in the College for Women who have achieved a 3.5 cumulative grade point average are eligible. Some high-achieving first-year students are invited to join the  program as well. Other applicants submit two faculty recommendations and an application form, including a short personal essay. A faculty committee charged with oversight of the Antonian Scholars determines membership in the program. For further information, contact the Honors Program Director.

Dean's List - Baccalaureate and Associate Programs

The Dean's List gives recognition to students enrolled in the College for Women who have achieved a grade point average of 3.667 or above in a semester while taking at least 12 credits for letter (A-F) grades.

The Dean's List gives recognition to students enrolled in the College for Adults who have achieved a grade point average of 3.667 or above in a term while taking at least eight credits for letter (A-F) grades.

The Dean's List is assembled after the deadline for submission of final term grades. Students with incomplete grades may not be considered for the Dean's List during the term in which the incomplete is given.

Contact registrar@stkate.edu with questions about the Dean's List.

Latin Honors

Latin honors are awarded to eligible students earning their baccalaureate degree. To be considered for Latin honors students must complete a minimum of 52 credits in residence at St. Catherine University. Latin honors are awarded upon completion of all graduation requirements with the following institutional grade point average:

  • For graduation cum laude, a GPA of 3.667
  • For graduation magna cum laude, a GPA of 3.8
  • For graduation summa cum laude, a GPA of 3.9

The Latin honor awarded is noted on the student's official transcript and diploma and in the program at commencement. Predicted eligibility for Latin honors is determined approximately six weeks prior to commencement; actual eligibility is based on the student's final institutional GPA.

Contact registrar@stkate.edu with questions about Latin Honors.