Global Studies

St. Catherine University is strongly committed to helping students integrate study abroad experiences into their educational plans. The benefits of international education are many: personal growth and new perspectives, résumé building and career skills, improving foreign language ability, and forming international friendships. Regardless of the reasons students choose to study abroad,  experiences in other countries unquestionably will benefit their personal, academic and career goals.

Semester and yearlong programs, as well as January and summer options, are available. The Office of Global Studies maintains a list of study abroad programs approved for credit. Programs available to St. Catherine students are academically sound and provide strong support services as well as opportunities for integration into the host culture. Students often choose to live with host families or in international residence halls on foreign campuses. Although students are strongly encouraged to study foreign languages while overseas, programs are available in which classes are taught in English, even in non-English-speaking countries.

Opportunities to take study abroad courses during January and summer terms are available through St. Catherine's own faculty-led courses as well as through the University's partner programs.

With advance planning, students in any major can participate in an approved study abroad program while making normal progress toward graduation. The Office of Global Studies coordinates program advising and approval in cooperation with academic departments. Students may obtain program descriptions and applications via the Office of Global Studies website (see Policy on Eligibility for Study Abroad). The following policies apply to study abroad at St. Catherine University.

  • All credit-bearing programs must be approved by the Office of Global Studies prior to departure to ensure transfer of credit to St. Catherine University.
  • Course work completed on a study abroad program approved by the Office of Global Studies is considered in residence credit.
  • The amount of credit a St. Catherine student can earn on study abroad (or domestic) programs toward her bachelor's degree is limited to two full-time semesters plus one January or summer term. This restriction does not apply to courses sponsored by St. Catherine University and taught by St. Catherine University faculty; for these courses there is no limit.
  • Transfer students must spend at least two semesters as a full-time St. Catherine student and meet all other requirements before undertaking any semester or yearlong off-campus study. Transfer students may apply for January term or summer study abroad courses within their first year.

To begin the planning process, and to ensure academic credit and the application of financial aid, students must meet with an advisor in the Office of Global Studies. A study abroad advisor will provide guidance for selecting a study abroad program as well as offer advice throughout the application and pre-departure period. The Office of Global Studies provides a required orientation program, liaison services while students are overseas, and re-entry programming after return from study abroad.

Deadlines for application are March 1st for summer, fall semester, or yearlong programs, and October 1st for spring semester programs. Some programs have earlier deadlines or rolling admissions policies; check with the Office of Global Studies.  January term courses set a priority deadline in mid-April and a final deadline in late September.