Incomplete Grades and Grade Changes

Incomplete Grades

A grade of incomplete is given only when unusual circumstances deem it appropriate. Ordinarily, such circumstances would involve matters that are not wholly within the student's control, such as illness. Incompletes are awarded at the faculty’s discretion.

Students who wish to receive an incomplete grade must request the grade from the course instructor no later than the last day of classes (as noted in the Academic Calendars) for the term in which course requirements are due. The student must be making satisfactory progress in the course and recommended to have completed 75% of the course requirements at the time the request is made.  

If granted, the recommended deadline for completion of the work is 4-6 weeks after the last day of classes in the session or subsession in which the course is offered. The instructor may establish a due date after the recommended deadline if the student requests it and special circumstances warrant it. 

The instructor will submit an alternate grade that will automatically be recorded if the student does not complete the requirements for the course by the deadline. If the course requirements are completed in the time allotted, the instructor must submit the final grade by the deadline. Extensions to the due date originally agreed to by the student and instructor must be approved by the academic dean.


Grade Changes  

University policy states that once a final grade is recorded, no changes are allowed. Exceptions are made if the grade change is due to a reporting, transcription or computational error or in extraordinary circumstances (i.e. circumstances that could not reasonably have been avoided). Changes may not be made on the basis of additional work completed by a student unless all members of the class had the option to submit additional work. If an instructor determines that a grade change is warranted, the instructor shall submit the online Request to Change Grade form located on Kateway. There is no deadline for submitting grade changes based on recording or computational errors.

Students who seek a grade change but have been denied by the instructor must abide by the process outlined on the Petition for Grade Change, located on the Office of the Registrar website, and must meet all deadlines.