Nutrition and Dietetics

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department seeks to actively engage students to understand the nuances of the field of nutrition in such a way that they can apply their skills to improve the health outcomes of individuals, groups, and populations in a sustainable way. Priorities within the department include equitable healthcare, evidence-based practice, cross-cultural competence, wellness through the lifespan, reduction of risk for chronic disease, and culinary nutrition.
Students in our majors develop skills to
   -Provide effective nutrition counseling to individuals and groups for positive behavior change
   -Develop meal plans for specific constraints and disease states
   -Design an environmentally friendly food service facility 
   -Identify and intervene in nutrition challenges in any life stage or circumstance
   -Conduct evidence-based nutrition practice
Undergraduate majors within our department include Nutrition Science, Exercise Science and Nutrition, Applied Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, and Applied Science in Nutrition
The Graduate Program in Nutrition and Dietetics provides students with the courses and supervised experiential learning necessary to be eligible to take the national registered dietitian credentialing exam.