Nursing: Nurse Informatics - MSN

Program Description

The Nursing Informatics program prepares nurses with the knowledge and skills required to practice within the nursing informatics specialty. A majority of nurse informaticists practice in hospitals and health systems, but practice environments also include health information technology vendors, healthcare payors, military and academic contexts as well. Course work emphasizes the work of the nurse informaticist in gathering, analyzing and utilizing data to improve technology-driven healthcare processes. The program incorporates principles from population health informatics, quality improvement, data science and competencies for nurse informaticists explored through classroom and hands-on practicum experiences.

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MHI 5110Applied Health Care Database Principles3
MHI 5170Population Health Informatics3
NURS 6040Nurse Informatician as Change1
NURS 7060Evidence Based Practice3
NURS 7080Informatics for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NURS 7085Enacting Change as a Nurse Informatician1
NURS 7095Nurse Informaticist Leading Healthcare Quality Improvement3
NURS 7125Nursing Data to Wisdom3
NURS 7140Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice3
NURS 7402Innovation and Technology for Teaching2
NURS 8150Leadership for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NURS 8300Advanced Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation3
NURS 8350Graduate Nursing Informatics Capstone3
STAT 7000Introduction to Biostatistics3
Total Credits37