Individualized Learning

Independent Study

An independent study is a form of learning initiated by the student for the purpose of expanding knowledge and/or skill in a particular area of interest. Independent studies are not allowed for courses described in the catalog. Students cannot earn Writing Intensive credit by taking any course, Writing Intensive-designated or not, as an independent study. The work must be completed within the term of registration.

Independent studies are not allowed for courses described in the catalog. In proposing an independent study, students work with a faculty evaluator to develop a learning contract that specifies the content and objectives of the study as well as the requirements and procedures for evaluation. The amount of credit to be earned for the study also is included in the learning contract and may be determined by program requirements.

Directed Study

Directed study is individual study of a course that is offered at the University. The directed study must be approved by the instructor, program director/department chair/division chair, and academic dean.

Directed study is provided for students whose unusual circumstances prohibit them from taking a regularly scheduled course but who need the course material to satisfy a requirement. Availability of this faculty-directed learning experience depends on faculty time and may be limited in any given term and restricted to certain courses.

The instructor and student must negotiate the learning activities for the course, and these activities must primarily involve individual learning.