Attendance Policy

Approved by:  University Curriculum and Policies Committee

History:  Issued:  April 27, 2012

Related Policies:  Registration and Add/Drop

Related Forms, Procedures and References:  Academic Calendars

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St. Catherine University defines attendance as participating in the faculty and student interaction required by the course. The manner of participation used for attendance is defined by the format of the course. For online courses, attendance means following the communication requirements and due dates on the syllabus. For in-class learning, attendance means that:

  1. students are expected to arrive at class on time and stay for the duration of the class; and
  2. students, whether present or not, are responsible for in-class content.

For hybrid courses, students must follow both the online and in-class attendance requirements. Failure to attend, for any reason, may be taken into account in the evaluation of the student's work. Each instructor will include the attendance/participation policy in the course syllabus.

First-day attendance (for in-class) or first-week online communication (for online learning) is required. Regular class attendance (for in-class), or online communication (for online learning) is expected of all students. Instructors may drop a student who:

  1. does not attend the first day (in-class) or communicate online (online learning) the first week or
  2. does not attend class (in-class) or communicate online (online learning) for 14 consecutive calendar days.

Under all other circumstances, the student must initiate withdrawal from a course. Even if a student does not attend class meetings or does not log into the online course, the student remains financially responsible for paying tuition for the course, up to the date of formal withdrawal. Students who do not formally withdraw will receive a final grade in the course. The academic calendars on the University's website contain the add, drop and withdrawal deadlines.

Note: Instructors may develop more stringent attendance requirements for individual courses. The requirement and consequence, if applicable, will be included in the course syllabus.