Departmental Proficiency Exam

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A proficiency exam allows students to earn credit for a course by successfully completing an examination and/or skills test covering the content of the course. Students may request to challenge a course when they believe their previous course work (for example, a portion of a course or combination of courses), experience (work, on-the-job training, continuing education) or knowledge (independent study in an area of special interest) is commensurate with a St. Catherine's course.

This option is provided only by certain departments. A fee, equal to one-fourth of the tuition, is charged for the testing process. Applications to take a proficiency exam must be submitted to the instructor (associate degree programs) or department chair (baccalaureate programs) no later than the second week of the term in which the particular course to be challenged has begun. Individual programs may have earlier application deadlines. Limits may be placed on the number of times a student may take a proficiency exam for a given course.

Proficiency examination credits are not considered resident credits.