Student Accessibility and Accommodations

Approved by: Student Accessibility & Accommodations  Office

History:  updated: May 22

Related Policies:  Student Rights and Responsibilities

Related Forms, Procedures and References:  Student Accessibility & Accommodations Website | Disability Accommodations for Resident Students | Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

For Questions Contact: Student Accessibility & Accommodations | 651.690.6563|

Purpose:  Policies for students using Student Accessibility & Accommodations

St. Catherine University is committed to creating and promoting accessible and inclusive learning environments for all and views disability as another aspect of diversity. Student Accessibility & Accommodations personnel are integral in achieving this goal by partnering with students, faculty, and staff to address any barriers to full participation in the academic and co-curricular experience.

While the philosophy and services for Student Accessibility & Accommodations are consistent across St. Catherine University environments, the delivery of services and some procedures may vary according to your program of study.