Health Insurance

Approved by:  Office of Student Affairs

History: Updated August 2019, August 2020

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For Questions Contact:  Health and Wellness Center | 651.690.6744 |

Purpose:  Ensure the health care needs of students and help protect against the potentially high costs of illness or injury.

In order to provide for the health care needs of its students and help protect against the potentially high costs of illness or injury, St. Catherine University requires that all degree-seeking students enrolled in the College for Women or College for Adults be covered by health insurance. Every undergraduate student is automatically enrolled in the University's student insurance plan, and the premium is automatically posted to the student’s account. Students who are already covered by a health insurance plan can waive out of the University-provided plan during a set period at the beginning of each student's academic year.

Information describing the plan, the automatic billing and enrollment process, and step-by-step waiver directions can be found on the University’s Health Insurance website.

Health insurance coverage is not offered through the University for graduate students. Students who do not have health insurance coverage and need assistance with finding a plan should contact the University's insurance specialist, listed below. 

For further information, please contact St. Catherine University Health Insurance Specialist, at or 651.690.6744.