Transgender and Non-Binary Students

Approved by:  Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Equity and Inclusion, Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

History: Issued: December 1, 2018

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Purpose:  To provide documentation and clarity with the current practices for transgender and non-binary students who would like to apply for admission to St. Catherine University. 

1. Scope

St. Catherine University admits students of all genders and gender identities to the College for Adults and the Graduate College and admits all students who identify as women to the College for Women. St. Catherine University admission policies are informed by the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which allows for single sex admission policies in institutions that have historically served women. St. Catherine University does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity and expressions in its admission policies, scholarship programs, educational programs, and residential programs and services. 

St. Catherine University's mission is to educate women to lead and influence. In taking an inclusive approach to fulfilling this mission - one that reflects the University's identity and vision to be an institution that values diversity, equity and inclusion as being essential to excellence - St. Catherine University acknowledges that there is an evolving understanding of gender that increasingly goes beyond the traditional binary. 

2. Statement

St. Catherine University takes pride in our tripartite mission: Catholic, Liberal Arts, and Women. Our values are in keeping with our founders and sponsors, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet: love of God and neighbor without distinction, meeting the needs of our time, and all are welcome. With a strong grounding in Catholic Social Teaching, we are committed to respecting the dignity of each person, standing in solidarity with the poor and marginalized, and working toward community and justice. 

In the spirit of these values, St. Catherine University will continue to consider all individuals who identify as women for admission to our undergraduate College for Women regardless of gender assigned at birth, as well as non-binary and genderqueer students. We recognize St. Catherine University's rich and vibrant history of educating people of all marginalized genders, as well as our duty as an institution to acknowledge and celebrate their contributions to our university. 

Since St. Catherine University admits students of all genders and those who identify outside of the gender binary of our College for Adults and our Graduate College, applications of all identities are welcome.

St. Catherine University will continue to use gendered language to honor our history and reflect our mission of educating women to lead and influence to our College for Women. At the same time, we will continue to educate and encourage inclusive languages and practices in our classrooms, departments, and residence halls. Should a student undergo gender transition while enrolled in the College for Women, individualized support and resources are available to assist that student in discerning best options for degree attainment. The student will be welcome to remain in the College for Women. Students enrolled in the College for Women of all gender identities and expressions are eligible for scholarship programs (limited to compliance with specific donor requirements), educational programs and residential programs.