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Purpose:  In accordance with Department of Education regulations, to inform the public about university graduation and transfer-out rates.

All colleges and universities are required to provide to prospective students, current students, and the public that information deemed "right-to-know". That information is listed below. Please note the distinction between "right-to-know" rates that combine associate level programs with baccalaureate programs and the graduation rate applicable to only those students pursuing baccalaureate degrees.


  • Graduation rate: the graduation rate after six years for undergraduate baccalaureate programs (four-year degrees) and after three years for associate programs (two-year degrees). These rates are only for full-time students who enrolled at St. Catherine University as degree-seeking college students for the first time. The rates do not include students who began their college careers at another institution and do not include students who enrolled as part-time students during their initial term of enrollment.
  • Transfer-out rate: students who began their four-year or two-year degree programs as full-time students at St. Catherine and subsequently enrolled in another college or university.
  • Graduation rate for 2010-2013: 56%
  • Transfer-out rate for 2010-2013: 33%

The above rates represent an average of the last four reporting years (students who began college between 2010 and 2013) and include all first-time, full-time undergraduate students, including those in the university's baccalaureate and associate degree programs.

Graduation Rates for Students Pursuing Baccalaureate Degrees

The average six-year graduation rate for only those students pursuing baccalaureate degrees (excludes associate degrees) during the past four reporting years (2010-2013) was 61%. The transfer-out rate was 28%. 

For the most recent reporting year (students who began in 2013), the graduation rate for baccalaureate-seeking  students was 62% and the transfer-out rate was 29%. 

Graduation rate information for specific populations (2013 COHORT):

For women: 62%
For men: n/a

By Race/Ethnicity:
  • International 67% (N=6)
  • Hispanic/Latino 60% (N=35)
  • Asian 48% (N=60)
  • Black/African American 56% (N=36)
  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander ** (N=2, suppressed)
  • White 68% (N=206)
  • Two or More Races 78% (N=11)
  • Race/Ethnicity Unknown 64% (N=11)
  • American Indian or Alaska Native **(N=2, suppressed)

By Socioeconomic status:
  • Pell recipients 53% (N=162)
  • Direct Loan recipients, not receiving Pell 70% (N=129)
  • Neither Pell nor Direct Loan 73% (N=73)

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