Change Leadership - Certificate

Certificate Options

The Organizational Leadership program offers certificates within the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) curriculum. Certificates are offered as Foundations and Graduate Specialty Certificates. Common to each certificate is the MAOL course Foundations in Leadership and Ethics. Beyond that, the certificates offer a prescribed set of courses to build a student's leadership knowledge and capacity in a specific specialty area. 

Admission requirements for certificate students are the same as for a degree student. A Foundations or Specialty certificate student in good academic standing may convert to degree status by indicating to the Program Director and the Registrar their intention to do so, however, a meeting with the student's advisor is recommended before initiating a conversion in enrollment. Students who complete a certificate can convert to a full degree program for up to one full year after completing their certificate; after one year, the applicant follows the re-entry process. 

Foundations & Custom Certificates

The Foundations in Leadership Certificate is a nine-credit certificate that introduces students to graduate-level leadership studies and advances their understanding and practice of leadership related to ethics, communication, and change. 

We also offer Custom-designed nine-credit Foundations Certificates that are delivered in partnership with employers to cohorts of their employees.  Custom Certificate Students apply to attend classes off-site at sponsoring organizations. Students can convert from custom certificate to Specialty Certificate or full-degree status by submitting the supplemental application form to the Graduate Admission office within one year of completing the custom certificate program. 

Specialty Certificates

Specialty Certificates offer students advanced graduate study specific to a particular area of leadership practice.  These certificates consist of 15 - 19 graduate credits and can be completed in lieu of, alongside of, or after finishing the MAOL degree.  Students in another graduate degree program at St. Catherine and individuals who have already earned a baccalaureate or graduate degree may pursue a certificate. The Organizational Leadership Program Graduate Specialty Certificates include:

Admission requirements for an MAOL Specialty Certificate are the same as those for the degree.  Students may transfer up to 6 credits from another university/program/institution to count toward a Specialty Certificate; transfer credits for Specialty Certificates must have been taken within the previous five years, and must be directly applicable to the course for which they serve as a substitute.

Any coursework taken for a certificate can be applied toward an MAOL degree within the seven-year completion policy of the program, unless otherwise stipulated. MAOL graduates may complete an additional certificate by adding coursework to their program. MAOL Alumni may apply coursework from their degree that was earned within the previous 10 years by obtaining the permission of the MAOL Program Director.

Change Leadership Certificate

ORLD 6200Foundations of Leadership and Ethics3
ORLD 6300Strategic Communication3
ORLD 7000Personal and Team Leadership to Drive Results3
ORLD 7500Leading Organizational Change3
ORLD 7700Organizations: Social and Political Structures3
MBA 7050Design Thinking for Innovation1
MBA 7450Agile Project Management3
Total Credits19