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Auditors are students who attend classes and participate in discussions but do not submit papers or examinations for a regular letter grade. Although academic credit is not earned and therefore may not be used to complete degree requirements, audits are recorded on the student's transcript. The grade on the transcript is AU.

Individuals must receive permission from the instructor to audit a course. Individuals who have a baccalaureate degree may audit a graduate class in some programs on a space-available basis with permission from the program director.

Students must submit the audit registration form on or before the deadline for adding classes. This also is the last day students may change from credit to audit status, or vice versa, with any appropriate changes in tuition applied. Audit registration and all changes between credit and audit status must be processed through the Office of the Registrar.

The University's attendance policy applies to auditors; however, unlike a credit-earning student, an auditor does not have a claim on the time of the instructor for the purpose of critiquing or evaluating the auditor's work. Auditors are expected to complete all class assignments.

Students are charged at a rate of 25 percent of tuition for auditing a course during the academic year. Not all undergraduate summer courses are subject to the reduced tuition rate. Audited courses are not eligible for financial aid.

St. Catherine University offers an educational benefit to alumnae to encourage continuing learning and educational enrichment. Graduates of St. Catherine University who have earned a bachelor's degree, master's degree, second major, or graduate certificate from the institution are eligible to audit one undergraduate class per academic year without paying tuition. A technology fee of $70 is required, and all required books, lab, and supply fees must be paid in full by the student. For more information, visit the Alumni website.