Registering for Elective Credits

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Registering for Elective Credits

Each academic program within the Graduate College is committed to promoting transdisciplinary awareness and education. In some programs, interprofessional education (IPE) is expected. As a result, each degree-seeking student within the Graduate College has the option of completing one or more graduate elective credits, not to exceed six credits, in a related discipline or field or IPE course as they matriculate through their major program of study. These graduate credits are to be completed within the normal time period associated with completing the student’s academic degree program. Students in good academic standing may be eligible. Permission from the student’s “home” program or department, as well as the department in which the course is offered, must be obtained prior to enrolling for these transdisciplinary or IPE credits. If the credit is obtained through a study abroad experience, even if the transcript is granted by a U.S. institution, it must first be approved through the Office of Global Studies.

NOTE: Tuition is assessed by the program, not by the course. Students enrolled in a graduate program who elect to take courses outside of their program of study (in accordance with the Registering for Elective Credits policy) pay their program rate for the elective credits.