Interdisciplinary (INDI)

INDI 5440 Choosing and Using Books for Children — 4 credits

Choosing and Using Books for Children is designed to develop the understanding that literacy is foundational to effective participation in society. The emphasis in this course is on scientifically-based theories and best practices for critical literacy and applying that knowledge to the selection of engaging, socially important literature for children to support language development, personal development, and academic learning. Students in this class learn how to use high-quality children’s books to support language development, personal development, and academic learning. They also learn to work with the strengths, interests, and needs of K-3 students in order to plan engaging instruction that fosters children’s ability to use language to analyze, learn from, and take action inspired by a wide array of texts from textbooks, to literature, to media texts. Fieldwork required. Check the class schedule for hours required.
Prerequisite with concurrency: EDUC 5070.

INDI 8515 Outcome Evaluation — 1 credit

In this course, students will explore a conceptual framework in evaluation outcomes for project management in healthcare practice. Using a social justice lens, students will explore different types of evaluation methods, including needs assessment, process evaluation, monitoring of outputs and outcomes, impact assessment, logic model, and program evaluation.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Graduate Program or Instructor’s permission.

INDI ELEC Interdisciplinary Elective — 1-5 credits

INDI ELECU Interdisciplinary El-Upper Div — 1-6 credits

INDI LABS Interdisciplinary Lab Sci Elec — 2-5 credits

INDI LABSU Interdisciplinary Lab-Uppr Div — 2-6 credits

INDI WOST Interdisciplinary/WOST Elec — 2-6 credits

INDI WOSTU Interdisciplinary/WOST-Uppr Di — 2-6 credits