Interprofessional Education (IPE)

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IPE 6500 Learning from Elder Teachers in Healthcare Teams — 0 credits

This course provides students with clinical experience as a participant in an interprofessional healthcare team. After an initial orientation, students will be assigned to small interprofessional teams assigned to work with an Elder Teacher, a resident from Carondelet Village, under the guidance of an IPE team mentor from Carondelet Village and a faculty mentor from the student’s academic program. Together the team will review the elder teacher’s health status, discuss treatment plans and find new ways to optimize his or her health, independence and vitality.

IPE 7000 Evidence Based Practice: Interprofessional Perspectives and Competencies — 3 credits

This course prepares graduate students for leadership roles through the application of the evidence-based practice model with the lens of social justice and ethical principles. This approach supports interprofessional communication and improved healthcare outcomes for clients. Theory, knowledge generation, scientific inquiry, and the design and conduct of research are explored. An emphasis is placed on enhancing the skills of advanced literature searches, critical analysis/appraisal of both research and non-research, and the impactful translation of knowledge to practice. Requisites: Admission to a graduate program at St. Catherine University.