Elementary (6-12) AMS Montessori - Certificate

Obtain your elementary (6-12) Montessori accreditation at St. Catherine University! The Elementary (6-12) AMS Montessori Program is a certificate program that is completed through a combination of in-person and online course work in the summer, followed up by practicum and results in a American Montessori Society 6-12 credential (pending). Coursework is grounded in Montessori philosophy & practices, Anti-Bias-Anti-Racist Pedagogy and whole-child centered learning.

In this certificate program, you can expect to: engage in critical self-reflective activities to engage in personal transformation to become ethical and influential educational leaders informed by the philosophy of Maria Montessori and her vision of peace and social justice to develop a greater understanding of themselves, children, and the world. You will gain real world experience to prepare you to develop your teaching pedagogy with an individualized, anti-bias and anti-racist teaching approach influenced by Montessori philosophy that honors the whole child. In order to do this, you will also learn how to navigate the demands of teaching and learning; in order to be an effective teacher the mind, body, and spirit must be nurtured and supported. Integrated into all courses are strategies for sustaining yourself in the field through a holistic approach to the field of education. This includes a commitment to serving in, learning from, and collaborating with diverse communities who share a common vision of educational equity.

Through this program, you will deepen your understanding of key Montessori practices of the Preparation of the Adult and Observation skills with an Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist lens. Your courses are taught by instructors who are Montessori trained and accredited.

To be admitted to the Elementary (6-12) AMS Montessori Program, the applicant must meet all admission standards and procedures for a certificate in Education Program, including having a GPA of 2.75 or above. In addition, the applicant must have had a verified baccalaureate degree upon entering the program.


EDUC 5XXXChildren's House and Practical Life Overview2
EDUC 5070Teachers as Leaders for a Changing Society4
EDUC 5190Methods and Materials in Elementary Social Studies and History2
EDUC 5290Methods and Materials in Elementary Music and Movement1
EDUC 5440Methods and Materials in Elementary Mathematics I2
EDUC 5470Methods and Materials in Elementary Biology I1
EDUC 5540Methods and Materials in Language Arts and Literacy I2
EDUC 5740Elementary Observation1
EDUC 5750Elementary Observation1
EDUC 5840Elementary Supervised Practice Lab2
EDUC 5860Elementary Supervised Practice Lab2
EDUC 5880Elementary Supervised Practice Lab2
EDUC 6141Theories of Montessori Education2
EDUC 6190Raising All Voices: Social Studies Methods II2
EDUC 6420Designing for Online Instruction3
EDUC 6XXXHolistic Learning3
EDUC 6440Methods and Materials in Mathematics II2
EDUC 6XXXGeometry Methods II1
EDUC 6470Methods and Materials in Elementary Science1
EDUC 6540Methods and Materials in Elementary Language Arts and Literacy II2
EDUC 6XXXSupporting Literacy for Diverse Learners3
EDUC 6XXXMontessori Capstone Project2
EDUC 6XXX Cultivating Creativity: Arts Methods 2
EDUC 6XXX AMS Elementary Practicum4
EDUC 6XXX AMS Elementary Practicum II4
Total Credits53