Education: Elementary K-6 with Montessori Credential - MA

Program Description

The initial licensure - K-6 elementary with Montessori elementary credential  program builds on the partnership between the Montessori Center of Minnesota (MCM) and St. Catherine University. St. Catherine offers a Masters of Arts in Education (MAED) with a focus on earning an initial teaching license in K-6 education. We prepare our graduates to speak from the unique place of a rich background in Montessori education and an overall educational K-6 perspective. As with all St. Catherine University educational programs, we prepare our graduates to become ethical, effective leaders in their schools and communities.

The program of study culminates with two essential components of graduate work in education: application of research and theory in the teaching of students and the intellectual work of writing an academic analysis of a teaching problem and designing professional resources related to this problem. Serving students through the role of teacher embodies the mission of St. Catherine University: to lead and to influence. Teacher leaders change not only the lives of their students. They impact the families, schools, and communities they serve.

Courses are offered in a face-to-face delivery method at MCM. Courses offered at St. Catherine University follow the hybrid format.

Initial Licensure: K-6 Elementary with Montessori Elementary Credential Curriculum

The core courses for students pursuing the Elementary K-6 Initial Licensure with Montessori Elementary Credential are listed below.

EDUC 5070Teachers as Leaders for a Changing Society4
EDUC 5190Methods and Materials in Elementary Social Studies and History2
EDUC 5290Methods and Materials in Elementary Music and Movement1
EDUC 5420Methods and Materials in Elementary Art1
EDUC 5440Methods and Materials in Elementary Mathematics I2
EDUC 5470Methods and Materials in Elementary Biology I1
EDUC 5490School Health and Chemical Health1
EDUC 5540Methods and Materials in Language Arts and Literacy I2
EDUC 5740Elementary Observation1
EDUC 5750Elementary Observation1
EDUC 5800General Methods: Elementary2
EDUC 5840Elementary Supervised Practice Lab2
EDUC 5860Elementary Supervised Practice Lab2
EDUC 5880Elementary Supervised Practice Lab2
EDUC 6141Theories of Montessori Education2
EDUC 6142Practical Aspects of Montessori Education2
EDUC 6440Methods and Materials in Mathematics II2
EDUC 6470Methods and Materials in Elementary Science1
EDUC 6540Methods and Materials in Elementary Language Arts and Literacy II2
EDUC 6600Pathways to Equity Project3
EDUC 6750Introduction to Educational Research3
EDUC 7490Literacy Methods for Teaching the Intermediate Grades4
EDUC 7540Classroom Management and Assessment Techniques4
EDUC 7550Literacy in the Content Areas: Elementary2
EDUC 7650Student Teaching Seminar2
EDUC 7812Student Teaching Elementary12
INDI 5440Choosing and Using Books for Children4
Required Supporting Courses
MATH 2500Mathematical Structures4
PSYC 1001General Psychology with Lab4
PSYC 4010Educational Psychology4
or PSYC 2025 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Total Credits79