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Students interested in an internship must contact their program director or major department to determine program or major requirements for internships.

Internships must be added by the last day to add a full-term course.

If there are no requirements for internships in the program or major, faculty and the internship director will work with the student to create a quality internship experience:

  • Students must make arrangements for a faculty member to serve as an advisor, as the faculty advisor must approve the internship learning contract. The contract will include: selection of internship site, learning goals and timelines, strategies for achieving those goals, methods to be used to evaluate achievement, requirements of the site supervisor, and the appropriate credits for the internship.
  • The faculty advisor and student work with the internship director, who assists in generating possible sites, consults on learning goals and timelines, consults on strategies for achieving those goals, assists to clarify the relationship with the site supervisor, answers questions, and provides training in resume preparation and interviewing.
  • The chair or program director of the department giving credit for the internship must approve the completed internship learning contract.