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Students register online for classes during assigned registration periods prior to the beginning of each term. The course will appear on the student's online schedule as soon as official registration is complete. Students should not attend a class unless they are officially registered for the class.

All students, with the exception of seniors and RN-BSN students, are required to meet with their advisor prior to registering for classes. All other students are strongly encouraged to consult their academic advisor for assistance in planning their registration (see Academic Advising section of this catalog).

Students are limited to a maximum number of registered credits each term based on their program of study. In some academic circumstances, students have reduced credit maximums.

Maximum Registered Credits

All students are limited to 12 credits in summer session. The limits for fall and spring semester are listed by program below:

  • College for Women: 18
  • College for Adults: 16

A student who wants exceed the above credit limits in a given term should discuss her/his plans with his/her academic advisor. If the academic advisor supports the plan, the student then submits the Take Excess Credits form, found on the Office of the Registrar website. Approval of the request results in the student's credit limit being raised to the agreed upon number for that term.


Students must adhere to all prerequisite and corequisite requirements unless the requirement has been waived by the department chair or program director. Students request waivers (overrides) to requisites by submitting the Request an Override to Add a Course form, found on the Office of the Registrar Forms page. Definitions:

  • Prerequisite: must be taken prior to the course
  • Prerequisite with concurrency: may be taken prior to OR at the same time as the accompanying course
  • Corequisite: must be taken the same term as the accompanying course
  • Recommended: not required, but may better prepare the student for the course

Prerequisites, corequisites and other registration restrictions are listed at the end of every course description in this catalog and appear in the online schedule.