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Withdrawal from a Course

The academic calendars contain the deadlines for dropping a course without notation on the transcript. Courses dropped between this date and the last day to withdraw result in a W (Withdrawal) notation on the transcript. Courses dropped after the last day to withdraw automatically receive a grade of F. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor before dropping or withdrawing from a course to discuss the impact on progression in program.

Students are financially responsible for every course for which they register; the amount of tuition refunded for a dropped/withdrawn course is established by deadlines found online in the Summary of Financial Procedures found on the Student Accounts website. Students are expected to read this publication and adhere to published deadlines.

Withdrawal from the University

Students may withdraw from the University at any time by following established procedures. Baccalaureate students notify the Office of Academic Advising of their intent to withdraw. Associate students notify their program director. The effective date of withdrawal is the date the student initially contacts the University official. No refunds of tuition are given unless the student officially withdraws. Refunds are made on a prorated basis according to the schedules published in the Summary of Financial Procedures, posted on the Student Accounts website.