Guests and Visitation

Approved by:  Department of Residence Life

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Guests are welcome in the residence halls. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests, and all guests must be escorted at all times when in any residential building.

Residents may not lend their card access, student ID to another student or guest. Guests must present ID and any additional information when requested by Residence Life or Public Safety staff. The University has the right to trespass a guest or revoke a resident’s guest privileges at any time.

The University reserves the right to escort guests from the building if it is determined there is a reasonable cause to do so. All guests must carry valid photo ID on their person at all times. Additional fines and disciplinary action may be taken if the University finds reasonable evidence that a guest has been given extended residency.

Overnight Guests (all buildings):  An overnight guest is defined as any person who is not assigned by Residence Life to live in a particular room, suite or apartment, even if that person lives on campus. All guests must have on their person, at all times, a valid picture ID issued by their state of residence. In cases where roommates cannot agree, the right of a person to occupy their room without the presence of an overnight guest shall take precedence over the right of a roommate to host overnight guests. The housing of overnight guests and terms under which this occurs must be mutually agreed upon by all roommates.

Residents may not extend residency to their guests or other students. Overnight guests may not stay longer than three nights per month and three consecutive nights. If it is determined through reasonable evidence that a student has extended residency or allowed a guest to stay longer than this, the student will be charged $25.00 per night. Guests will not be issued access cards or keys.