Dining for Commuter Students

Approved by:  Sodexo Dining Services

History:  Approved: February 2015

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For Questions Contact:  Dining Services | 651.690.6796 | dining@stkate.edu

Purpose:  Dining and meal plan policies for commuter students, faculty, and staff

Commuter Meal Plan Costs and Billing

For the Fall 2020 semester, commuter students will not be required to participate with a commuter meal plan. Commuters can opt in to participate in any of the available meal plans by contacting Sodexo on the first floor of Coeur de Catherine dining room offices to purchase. Spring 2021 commuter meal plan participation will be determined  based on planned face to face class availability.

Meal Plans

Sodexo offers meal plans for faculty, staff, and commuter students not enrolled in the College for Women. These plans may be purchased at any time during the year. Current plan options and costs are available on the Sodexo website.