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Name: Dr. Gina Mancini-Samuelson (Chemistry and Biochemistry) or Dr. Marcie Myers (Biology)

Pharmacy is included among those fields of a professional nature in which preparatory work can be taken at St. Catherine's. Application for admission to a school of pharmacy may be made either as a transfer student or after having earned a degree. In either case, students must complete a series of specific prerequisite courses to be eligible for admission. While prerequisite requirements vary in detail, all emphasize coursework in the natural sciences. However, because pharmacy schools do not require a specific academic major for admission, students may complete these prerequisite courses as part of an undergraduate program that includes any major of the student's choosing.

NOTE: Students are strongly advised to check prerequisites before planning their registration

The prerequisite courses that are often required for admission to pharmacy school include:

BIOL 1710Foundations of Biology: Diversity and Evolution with Lab4
BIOL 2200Introduction to Microbiology with Lab4
or BIOL 3210 Biology of Microorganisms with Lab
Select one of the following:8
Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab
Human and Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy with Lab
and Human and Comparative Animal Physiology with Lab
CHEM 1110
CHEM 1120
General Chemistry I with Lab
and General Chemistry II with Lab
CHEM 2010
CHEM 2020
Organic Chemistry I with Lab
and Organic Chemistry II with Lab
COMM 1030Speaking to Lead and Influence4
ECON 2610Principles of Microeconomics4
MATH 1130Calculus I4
STAT 1090Statistical Analysis (or other statistics course)4
Select one of the following:8
Physics for the Health Sciences I with Lab
and Physics for the Health Sciences II with Lab
Introductory Physics I with Lab
and Introductory Physics II with Lab
PSYC 1001General Psychology with Lab4
SOCI 1000Principles and Concepts of Sociology4
One English Composition Course4
Total Credits68