Refund Schedules

Approved by:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

History: Revised July 2016

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Students are financially responsible for every course for which they register; the amount of tuition refunded for a dropped/withdrawn course is established by deadlines found online in the Summary of Financial Procedures found on the Student Accounts website. Students are expected to read this publication and adhere to published deadlines.

Federal Refund Policy

The "Return to Title IV Funds" policy applies to any student who receives federal Title IV funding and withdraws. The Return to Title IV funds formula determines the amount of Title IV funds a student has earned at the time the student ceases attendance, and the amount of Title IV funds a student must return. The amount of Title IV funds a student earns is a proportional calculation based on the amount of time the student attends school through the 60 percent of the term.

If a student ceases to attend school after 60 percent of the term, the student earns 100 percent of the Title IV funds. If an unofficial withdrawal is determined (all failing and/or non-credit grades), the 50 percent date of the term is used as the last date of attendance to calculate refunds if the last date of attendance is unknown.

Non-federal Refund Policy

Refunds for state aid programs and non-state aid programs are calculated on a proportional basis using the state mandated or institutional refund policy. To calculate the minimum refund due to the Minnesota State Grant Program (Minnesota Child Care and CSC Child Care Grants), the SELF Loan Program, and other aid programs (with the exception of the State Work Study Program), the MOHE Refund Calculation Worksheet is used. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for the complete policy.