Freedom of Association

Approved by:  Office of Student Affairs

History:  May 2021

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Students bring to our campus a variety of interests previously acquired and also develop new interests as members of this university community. They shall be free to organize and join associations to promote their common interests within the boundaries of the mission of the university.
  1. Student organizations, including those with external affiliations, shall be open to all students of St. Catherine University.
  2. The membership, policies, and actions of a student organization shall be determined by members of that organization within the policies of the institution as well as state and federal statutes.
  3. Affiliation with an external organization shall not in itself disqualify a student organization from official institutional recognition.
  4. Each organization must have a faculty/staff advisor. Advisors shall not have the authority to control the policy, procedures, or actions of a student organization.
  5. Student organizations are required to submit a constitution including a statement of purpose, criteria for membership, a list of rules (policies and procedures for that organization) and a current list of officers; but they shall not be required to submit a list of members in order to receive or maintain official recognition. In order to be officially recognized as student organizations, student organizations shall be required to submit their constitutions to the Student Senate for review. Official status shall be granted by the Associate Provost for Student Affairs upon the recommendation of the Student Senate.