Institutional Information Notification

Approved by:  Office of Student Affairs

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For Questions Contact:  Office of Student Affairs | 651.690.6778 |

In our long-standing commitment to ensuring transparency and compliance with state and federal policy, St. Catherine University makes available to prospective and current students a wide array of institutional information including: financial aid and financial procedures; health and safety; student outcomes; student privacy with regard to educational records, and general institutional.

Students can access this information in a number of ways. Directly contacting an office with specific responsibility for the requested information is one excellent approach. Students can also use the University's website by going directly to a specific office's webpage (e.g. Registrar,  Financial Aid Office, Student Accounts, Academic Affairs, Public Safety Office or the Office of Student Affairs) or the University Policies website and the resources located there, including the Student Right-to-Know link.

Questions about this information should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs, 305 Derham Hall, or, 651-690-6778.