Freedom of Expression

Approved by: Office of Student Affairs

History:  1980

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Learning and scholarship are at once individual and collective. Students enjoy the collective assurance and protection of free inquiry and open exchange of facts, ideas and openness. Students are free to take reasoned exception to the data or views offered in any course of study and to reserve judgment on debatable issues. This free exchange in no way diminishes the responsibility of the student for learning the content of a course.

Freedom of Expression Statement as adopted by the Board of Trustees, 1980 

Whereas St. Catherine University provides an atmosphere of intellectual openness in which students can refine their abilities to evaluate alternatives faced in a pluralistic society;

And whereas the university, as a liberal arts institution, upholds the academic principle of responsible inquiry and the constitutional right of free speech;

And whereas St. Catherine University, a Roman Catholic institution, recognizes and respects the official teaching of the Church;

And whereas the university recognizes legitimate plurality of opinion in some areas of Church teaching;

Be it resolved that the university sees it as consistent with its mission to provide a forum for the free and responsible exchange of ideas. Be if further resolved that this policy will be implemented by the Office of Student Affairs under the authority of the President of the University.