Course Substitution for Major or Minor

Approved by:  University Curriculum and Policies Committee | Office of the Registrar

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Related Forms, Procedures and References:  Substitution Form (located on the Office of the Registrar Forms page)

For Questions Contact:  Office of the Registrar | 651.690.6531

Department chairs/division chairs/program directors are authorized to approve substitutions for courses required for a major or minor.  Students who have already taken a course at St. Kate's or elsewhere (i.e., the course has already been transferred to the St. Kate's transcript) may petition the department chair to consider whether the course (or a combination of courses) could be substituted for a required St. Kate's course(s). Students initiate the petition process by completing the online Substitution Form, found on the Office of the Registrar Forms page. Decisions at the department chair level are final.

Course substitutions are petitionable for major and minor courses only.  Students may not petition course substitutions for liberal arts and science core courses.

Lower division courses cannot be used as substitutions for upper division courses.

The substitution process does not supersede the residency requirement for majors and minors.

Students are advised to review their online degree evaluation prior to submitting a request for substitution. If the degree evaluation indicates that the transfer course has fulfilled the requirement, the course has already been evaluated as equivalent to the St. Kate's course. In this case, no petition is necessary.