Late Course Add Petition

Approved by:  Office of Academic Advising | Office of the Registrar

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Students register for courses during assigned registration periods prior to the start of each term. Registration dates are listed online on the Office of the Registrar website and under Registration Schedules on the website. Registration, add/drop and withdrawal deadlines are published in the academic calendars.

Students may petition to add a course after the deadline if extenuating circumstances prevented them from meeting the deadline. Petition is made by submitting the Petition for Late Course Add form to the appropriate office.

Students must meet all eligibility criteria to petition, including:

  • The faculty member(s) teaching the course supports the petition for late course add
  • The student is in good academic standing
  • The student had no holds preventing registration by the deadline
  • The student is otherwise eligible to register for the course (e.g., all requisites have been met)
  • The student submits the Petition no later than one week after the last day to add a course with instructor permission, as published in the academic calendar