Late Course Withdrawal Petition

Approved by:  Office of Academic Advising | Office of the Registrar

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Students may add or drop courses online until published deadlines. The academic calendars contain the deadlines for dropping a course without a notation on the transcript. Courses dropped between this date and the last day to withdraw result in a W (Withdrawal) notation on the transcript. Courses dropped after the last day to withdraw automatically receive a grade of F. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor before dropping or withdrawing from a course to discuss the impact on progression in the program.

Students may petition to withdraw from a course after the last day to withdraw if extenuating circumstances prevented them from doing so by the published deadline. The petition is made by submitting the Petition for Late Course Withdrawal Form to the Director of Academic Advising.

Students may make a petition based on any of the following reasons:

  • Serious medical condition of student or family member
  • Death in family
  • University error

The petition must be submitted no later than two weeks after the applicable term end date.