Academic Grievance

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A grievance is an educational or personal issue or condition that a student believes to be unfair, inequitable or a hindrance to her or his education.

The Student Academic Grievance form is used to file a grievance against a person or department/program for failure to follow procedures. This form can also be used to file a grievance against a person pertaining to an academic issue, such as failure of a faculty member to communicate with the student.

Prior to filing a grievance, a student must discuss her or his concern(s) with the appropriate person. Should the matter not be resolved or if the student disagrees with the decision, then she or he should put their concern in writing to the department chair or program director and discuss the matter. The student's concern(s) will be reviewed and a decision rendered. Should the student disagree with this decision, complete the Student Academic Grievance form and submit the written decision with the grievance using the electronic form available on the university's website.